We provide a wide range of services covering three main areas of expertise: Innovation policies and RTD studies; Project Management for Innovation and RTD related projects; Consultancy services.

Innovation policies and RTD studies: Design and implementation trans-European and National innovation strategies and policies; Support to regional authorities, agencies, innovation centres and cluster; Implementation and evaluation of programs/projects supporting innovation and R&D; Performance of studies, benchmarking analysis, evaluations and accompanying reports about innovation and its policies and supporting programmes to RTD projects; Technological and marketing assessment for the launch of new technologies and their commercial exploitation.

Project Management for Innovation and RTD related projects: Managing Innovation and RTD projects (Assistance to the management of RTD and Innovation projects); Support to organisations and public authorities in the management of RTD and Innovation projects.

Consultancy services: Specialised training to companies, technological institutions' and public authorities staff in the areas of innovation management, benchmarking, technology transfer, funding schemes, marketing and communication; Technology transfer and exploitation of academic research results, assisting industrial companies and research organisations in the implementation of their strategies for the exploitation of R&D results; Financing and funding schemes advice for financing innovation activities inside organisations and/or public authorities; Technology audits for the identification of technological innovation needs or strengths to be explored; Support the launch of start-up companies, namely by means of technological and market assessment, input of knowledge/skills in specific technological areas, advice on financing, and provision of venture capital; Business development support through the partnership with the two business incubators in Livorno and Viterbo.