For Your Readings: BlueSCities NEWSLETTER - [30/11/-1 ]

REDINN Srl would like to introduce to you the first issue for the BlueSCities Newsletter, which presents the project in detail and highlights the Dubrovnik Declaration of Intent which encourages cities to participate in the creation of citizen awareness concerning water.

 There is a section on the Science Cafés organized on behalf of BlueSCities which bring citizens together to debate and share both ideas and opinions on a given topic related to water and waste.

 Also, there are a number of water-innovation related events, such as the International Green Energy Conference INGEC&EMHYTEC 2016 on 9-12 May 2016, or the Water JPI Conference at the end of May, and many more!

We hope you will enjoy reading this newsletter and that you will be able to join BlueSCities initiative to make water and waste Smart.


The 1st edition of the BlueSCities biannual newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2016