UNI-SET: 2nd Energy Clustering Event - [25/08/2016 ]

REDDIN SRL would like to announce the 2nd Energy Clustering Event "Universities in the Energy Transition: Focus on Energy Efficient Systems and Nuclear Safety" for those who would like to consider it a great opportunity for clustering, consortia building and knowledge sharing in the energy field.

The event is the second of a series of UNI-SET “Energy Clustering Events” which aim to mobilise the European university community to tackle the “energy challenge”, in the framework of the SET-Plan and the Energy Union.

The Clustering event will be welcoming proposals in form of “Good practice examples” and “Project ideas & proposals” for several parallel sessions based on the event themes of “energy efficiency” and “nuclear safety”.

Locations: Turin-Italy              

Dates: 26 - 28 September 2016              

You can read more for further information and registration.