Meeting under H2020 ENTRUST - [22/09/2016 ]

On 22th  and 23th of September 2016, in Secondigliano, Naples, Entrust partners organized two meetings with groups of local community representatives. They were divided in two different Focus Groups, composed by ten participants each.

The first one, the Theatre Group, has joined a “round table” from 5 to 7 pm of the 22th September, hold by Lennon Breffni, from UCC, in an abandoned theatre.

The participants were asked to provide some information and give their opinions about Energy use and related issues, both as individuals, both as member of their community. All the data collected has been recorded confidentially and guaranteeing anonymity.

The second meeting, with Torre Annunziata Group, has taken place the day after, 23th  September, from 5 to 7 pm, in an annex building of an ancient Church and has been followed by a photographic exhibition.

The whole group has joined actively the exhibition at 7,30 pm, which had had been opened to the public since the day before, from 12 pm to 8 pm, and from 10 am to 8.30 pm on the 23 th of September. The artistic pictures were kindly offered by Mister Diego De Simone.

The events have been entirely recorded and conducted at the presence of the ENTRUST entourage: Lennon Breffni and Revez Alexandra, from UCC – the Project Coordinator; Paulo Rondomeno, from STAM ; Leonardo Piccinetti, Donatella Santoro and Orsetta Chichinato from REDINN and had benefit from the active translation and interpretation of Miss Lea Calzolaro, from REDINN.