ENTRUST Dissemination Activities within Secondigliano Community - [14/11/2016 ]

ENTRUST  is a Project funded by the European Union under the RTD – Research and Technology Development – framework, within the HORIZON 2020 Program. 

This project is aimed at providing a mapping of Europe’s energy system, conceived as key actors and their intersections, technologies, markets, policies and innovations, and an analysis about how human behaviour around energy is shaped by both technological systems and socio-demographic factors (in particular gender, age and socio- economic status).

These studies are integrated within a transition management framework which takes in to account the complex meshing of human values with technological systems. New understandings of energy related practices and an intersectional  approacheas to the listed factors in energy use are deployed to enhance stakeholder engagement in Europe’s energy transition.

The third key paradigm informing the research is the concept of energy citizenship, with a key goal of ENTRUST to enable individuals overcome barriers of gender, age and socio-economic status to become active participants in their own energy transitions.

Central to the project is an in-depth engagement with six different communities across the continent, assisted and reflexively monitored by a diverse array of expertise to bear as they work to transform their energy behaviours, generating innovative transition pathways. and business models capable of being replicated elsewhere in Europe.

As the Project has already reached his eighteenth month of progress, many activities engaged with the communities have already been implemented, in each of the different countries involved, (Ireland, UK, France, Spain and Italy).

Regarding the local community of Secondigliano, Naples, Entrust partners organized two meetings with two groups of representatives, Focus Groups, composed by ten participants each.

The first one, the Theatre Group, has joined a “round table” from 5 to 7 pm of the 22th September, hold by Lennon Breffni, from UCC, in an theatre.

The participants were asked to provide some information and give their opinions about Energy use and related issues, both as individuals, both as member of their community. All the data collected has been recorded confidentially and guaranteeing anonymity.

The second meeting, with Torre Annunziata Group, has taken place the day after, 23th  September, from 5 to 7 pm, in an annex building of an ancient Church and has been followed by  an interesting photographic exhibition, illustrating daily life in Secondigliano community: market, buildings, people of different ages and social status, and it was opened to public.

The next step planned by the the dissemination partner, REDINN,  will consists in a series of interviews of the representatives about energy use, strictly related to the local territory and its issues.

All this work will be possible thanks to the support of Mr Diego De Simone, an expert about in Media tools and new technologies, such as Youtube activities, Video Activities and other Social management activities (Facebook, Twitter management) who will cooperate in these fields within the project next events.

It will be soon organized another photos exhibition in Brussels, during the next official ENTRUST Project Meeting.