Sustainability Jam Berlin Workshop - [15/11/2016 ]

REDINN S.r.l. has been participating at the Sustainability Jam Berlin from Friday, 4th November 2016 at 7:00h PM to Sunday, 6th November, 2016 at 5:00 PM (CET) in Berlin.

The event has been held by the Global Sustainability Jam[1], which has just reached its third edition, and has been hosted by Impact Hub Berlin.

The workshop is about the theme of Green Design Thinking and Innovation.

The main idea behind is to exchange knowledge, and experience a user-centered design process in order to create sustainable and innovative prototypes.

It consists in a 48 hours creative session in which people from all over the world with various backgrounds, (service and object designers, sustainability experts, professors, business people, entrepreneurs, artist, students), apply user-centered methods to solve problems and generate “brand-new real-world” ideas around sustainability.

It does not focus on creating realizable projects that are implemented right after the event, but on applying “green”, innovative methods and tools in order to publish results over a central platform.


[1] - a non-Profit activity organized by an international network of people, involved in a creative and design-based approach to green economy and sustainability-