ALICE week in Belfast - [06/09/2017 ]

REDINN is pleased to announce on behalf of the consortium of ALICE project that during the next week, 13th - 15th 09.2017, it will take place the ALICE WEEK in Ulster University, Belfast, and Jordanstown headquarters.


Due to that the interdisciplinary training is a commitment of ALICE project, all the partners will contribute to the ALICE week and in the interdisciplinary training with a topic during the tematic workshop.


The first day, it will be held the Interdisciplinary training, where the participants will have the opportunity to listen to interesting presentations : Vulnerability assessment and wastewater infrastructures (Prof Marc Neumann, BC3); Wastewater and Governance (Prof Erik Longo, UniMC); Water and renewable energy nexus in WW treatments plants (Dr Caterina Brandoni, UU); Water reclaimed: problems and solutions (Dr Patrick Dunlop, UU (TBC)); and Techniques in environmental economics to involve local stakeholder (Dr Simone Cerroni, Dr Alberto Longo, QUB).


During the second day, it will be organiced the workshop of ALICE project with interesting presentation like ALICE, Accelerate Innovation in WW management for climate change: the challenges (Prof. Neil J Hewitt, Dr Caterina Brandoni, UU); Innovation in the resource and energy management of WW treatment plants (Dr Lorna Fitzimouns, DCU); Energy efficiency in wastewater infrastructure: the case of NI Water (NI Water (TBC)); Innovative technologies for wastewater treatment and reuse (Dr Isabel Oller, CIEMAT, Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas or Pilar); Nanomaterials and water reuse (Prof. Tony Byrne, UU (TBC)); Reclaimed water in agriculture: the case of Region de Murcia (Dr. Pedro Simon, ESAMUR, Region de Murcia); Social barriers to innovation: the society’s role (Dr Alberto Longo, Dr Simone Cerroni, QUB); Software tools for wastewater treatment management (Dr Lorna Fitzsimons/ Greg McNamara, DCU); and Focus group: Stakeholder engagement (Dr Alberto Longo, Dr Simone Cerroni, QUB).


The third day will be dedicated to a site visit of NI Water in Antrim.


We will wait for you!!