ALICE project in Porto Water Innovation Week 2017 - [04/10/2017 ]


During the last week, from 24 to 30 September 2017, the Water Innovation Week 2017, PWIW2017, was held in Porto, Portugal. A total of 1252 participants attended the event, including scientists, experts, administrations, companies and organizations of all kinds, which found an interesting forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions. In addition, 68 business forums, 546 matchmaking meetings, 19 side events, 116 exhibitors and 150 speakers were held.

REDINN srl., on behalf ALICE project, took the opportunity to network and disseminate the different actions of the project to both the attendees of the 4th EIP Water Conference 2017 and the stands, being a unique moment to exchange experiences and good practices with all those present.

The day before to EIP Water Conference 2017, REDINN srl. participated in the City Blueprint AG Annual Meeting. Kees van Leeuwen and his team described during the meeting the advances made and explored the opportunities which are appearing on the water sector. As well as, the assistants were invited to share their opinions about the road ahead.


During the days 27-28 September 2017, the 4th EIP Water Conference was held, an initiative promoted by the European Commission and organized by a consortium led by the municipality of Porto, and composed of the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, Aguas de Portugal , and the Portuguese Water Partnership, in addition received institutional support from the Government of Portugal. As in the last editions, the proposals for papers have been very broad and of undoubted interest.


The different EIP Water Action Groups discussed innovation aspects in water reuse and the circular economy, and the actions that are being development under way to promote the reuse of water at EU level, their opinion on barriers to innovations and need for support. Where several conferences were held about EU guidance document on water reuse, and the legislation requirements for water reuse in irrigation and groundwater recharge. 

In addition, the topic was discussed to reduce the consumption of energy and the possibility of generating energy from wastewater.

During the day of 29.09.2017, the city of Porto was selected to officially launch the Urban Water Agenda 2030, at a meeting attended by European mayors and specialists in urban water management; representatives of central and regional governments and river basin regions; regulators; legislators; utility companies; and research institutes.

As part of the activities within the 4th EIP Water Conference 2017, projects were presented to a competition, entitled "SPLASH Innovation Stage", with a high innovation component and showing a significant impact in the water sector. The results of the competition were:


1st place: FlowLoop (Denmark).

2nd Place: Oxdiniti (United Kingdom).

3rd Place: InanoEnergy (Portugal).


The award for the project with the highest potential for energy efficiency was for InanoEnergy (Portugal).

To conclude the water week in Porto, several activities were carried out in the city of Oporto aimed at all the public interested in the matter without regard to previous knowledge.

You can obtain more information of the event by means of the following link.