Workshop ALICE Project Week


During the days 7-8 of November 2017, at the University of Macerata (Italy), the ALICE Project, Accelerate Innovation in Urban Wastewater Management for Climate Change, held a workshop entitled Water: the worlds most valuable commodity, where as an objective to address issues related to climate change and new challenges for water resources.


On the afternoon of 7th November 2017, an interdisciplinary training was held, where the researchers involved in the ALICE Project met, where their coordinator, Caterina Brandoni (Ulster University, UU) and Erik Longo (University of Macerata, Unimc) were in charge of introducing the session.


The day of 8th November 2017 was divided into two sessions: morning and afternoon.


For the morning session, the consortium of partners of the Alice Project prepared a series of interesting presentations, which dealt with issues related to innovation and the adaptation of infrastructures in the treatment of wastewater for climate change; how to face the challenges in the management of the systems that supply the residual water; wastewater management in the city of Murcia (Spain) and in the Marche Region; how to involve local stakeholders in wastewater management; the regenerated water for food; and the Urban Water Agenda 2030 was explained.

These presentations were made by representatives of UU, Basque Center for Climate Change (BC3), ASET, Esamur-Murcia Region, Queen’s University of Belfast (QuB), REDINN srl., UniMC and Tennacola spa.


In the afternoon, a symposium was held in memory of Professor Stefano Rodotà, where the Director of the Department of Jurisprudence of the University of Macerata and the Rector of the University of Macerata were in charge of making an introduction about Professor Stefano Rodotà.

Subsequently, presentations were made on the legal statutes of water, both internationally and nationally; the different difficulties to manage water; and the different activities that are being carried out to protect the Dead Sea. These presentations were carried out by representatives of the University of Macerata, the University of Molise, the Jagiellonian University of Krakow, Qeens University Belfast, and the University of Firenze.


In the following link you could download the agenda of the Seminar.


Furthermore, you could download the presentations below.