About Us

REDINN – Rete Europea dell’Innovazione

Set up in 2011, RETE EUROPEA DELL’INNOVAZIONE (REDINN) is a high-growth knowledge intensive company, doubling its turnover each year and expanding its operation in the whole Europe. The growth of REDINN can be explained by the innovative and specific services that the company offers, by supporting Industrial and Research organisations in defining and implementing their innovation and research strategies, through the usage of advanced methodologies, communication and dissemination strategies, promotional tools and ICT solutions oriented. REDINN is specifically focused in Innovation Management, providing support services to private and public organisations in Product and Process Innovation, Technology Transfer, IT solutions, communication and dissemination strategies, promotional tools and support for research and development projects. Headquartered in Rome REDINN, is made up of a pool of professional engineers with consolidated experience in international working environments (Europe, Latin America and Grant Advisors specialized in consultancy services for grants submission and
negotiation, project management, and dissemination and dissemination actions.

Our Vision

REDINN aims to be a national and European benchmark in the innovation consulting sector. Its
vocation is to help European companies to be sustainable in the future, optimizing and
innovating their business models, providing them with specialized assistance thanks to the
group of experts that make up the REDINN network.

Our Mission

Recently companies are being challenged on multiple fronts – economic, societal, geopolitical,
technological, and environmental – largely as a result of the systems pressures and trends,
REDINN work with the companies that face with the scale of challenges in order to rethink
their current business models.

REDINN partner with clients to embed sustainability and help their businesses to become
future-ready, gain competitive advantage, and anticipate growing demands from customers
for more sustainable products and services.

REDINN team embrace sustainability and make it part of an overall our client’s business
strategy by helping to create a shared value

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