The Action Group should represent a European scope with global impacts, nevertheless special focus is directed to the Mediterranen region in order to overcome stress from water scarcity. Thus the first step is to illustrate the state of the art of water management in different coastal regions, to classify the fresh water bodies due to WFD demands and to define water related problems. This procedure includes also the standard of monitoring systems already established and how new developments of automatic recording and sampling lines have to be generated. An internal platform for environmental monitoring in coastal aquifers and the adjacent marine neighborhood will be developed. The mitigation of sea water intrusion is considered as the core of expected impacts, on the one hand by the application of managed aquifer recharge and on the other hand by the exploitation of fresh water before mixing with sea water. For understanding the natural processes the knowledge of the hydrogeological and climate background is essential (see fig. below). It is envisaged to develop two types of pilots:
• Utilization of submarine springs during the rain period for artificial groundwater recharge (water source directly at the coastal belt)
• Utilization of inland aquifers for drinking water supply along the coast

These activities are associated with the development of proper water and waste water treatment technologies to keep the tourism industry competetive and to enhance the capacity of ecosystems against human impacts. Finally a DSS should be developed to keep the balance between technical, societal and economical activities, between private and public entities and to co-ordinate cross-border coastal water management.

The market relevance is reflected in the different fields of water use driven by the water quality dremands of end users, by the commercialization of products, e.g. of sensors in the monitoring approaches, by water pricing depending on socio-economic policies and the financing of investments. There exists a great market potential, since urbanization along the coastal strips has been growing strongly, thus to focus on economic players for the needs of municipalities,for the tourism sector in the water and wastewater service market, for agriculture and aquaculture and for energy provisio

Project reference: H2020-WATER-2014-one-stage
Date: 01/02/2015
Info: https://www.eip-water.eu/COWAMA

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