Digital Solution

REDINN works closely with its clients and partners in a stepped approach to develop customised digital solutions. We design and develop applications that are user-friendly, modern and easily adaptable and upgradable.

The Digital Solutions team also supports our consulting activities by allowing REDINN to offer solutions and software, adding value to the consultants’ work for our clients. REDINN also conducts IT audit and recommendations.

Application and software design & development

Since its founding, REDINN designs and develops tailored software and web applications.


IT designers at REDINN conduct preliminary opportunity studies and define the software or web design best suited for each requirement. This includes design specification (compatibility, extensibility, maintainability, reliability, robustness, security, usability, performance), mockup & wireframing, and integration of visual identity into websites, community platforms, and other applications.


Our IT analysts develop and maintain customised applications, either as standalone software, web or mobile services and applications, and associated databases. Such applications have been deployed for a range of uses such as business process dematerialisation, collaborative frameworks, optimisation of information flow, interfacing corporate IT with third party software (such as accounting, CRM, ERP), and so on. We also develop e-learning or m-learning software.

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